Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birdies & Trims

For those of you new to the blog,I just want to give a quick recap.
The PR Mom and I have never met. We have never spoken one word to each other outside of texts and emails. This is the other way we communicate with each other. 
She is totally the Bomb for doing this with me. 
I wanted the PR Mom to see the trims that I molded out. The camera wasn't being very cooperative.
The trims are not glued down, I just wanted to spread them out so that she could see them.
A tail feather view of the little birds.
3 little birds to be exact perched on a popcorn box. By the way I burnt the popcorn,like charcoal burnt.
Just thought I'd share that tidbit.
Ok is it me or does that little guy on the box look a lot like a dolphin?
Keep your fingers crossed that Lily Munster doesn't find the birds. 
I don't want to wake up to a bird head in my bed.

I don't know what they are doing,but the orange on the box sure makes the white bright. I sculpted the birdies out of Paper Clay. Love that stuff,but living in AZ you have to work fast.
They need to finish curing and then the beautiful PHI can paint them.
Hey! Who went to McDonalds and didn't bring me a cheeseburger?
And Yes,as a matter of fact I did eat the popcorn,and boy are my teeth clean!

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