Friday, August 28, 2009


This will be a weekend of sketching and tweaking. I will post pictures as I go along. There have been many ideas and visions of the finished Shrine. I am excited and scared at the same time. It's how all journeys of a Spiritual nature begin for me. Fear of the unknown,fear of what will be asked of me and the worst of all fears Failure! So I will try my best so keep these fears in check and not allow them to rain on this magical ride.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sometime last year I came across a blog that was talking about a wonderful project.
the blog,which is wonderful in it's own right is called 

The Mujer behind this blog has a wonderful heart. How else could you describe a person who has such a passion for a cause such as this?
The Post that I happened upon had to do with an auction. 
Not just any run of the mill auction,but an auction of 
This piqued my curiosity. Why would one auction off something that had a mixture 
Blood, Sweat and possibly Tears?
I know first hand what goes into making Altars and Shrines.
It's always a Spiritual journey,one that I have made for many years.
As I read through Rebecca's Posts I learned of her passion.
and this passion is called the 
A little thought was created at the back of my mind. 
It nudged and it prodded.
It said "you can do this"
it taunted "what if it was your child?"
The "Thought" and the little voice have won.
I am honored to be a 
with the gracious PR Mom.
Together, we are working towards a Sacred goal.
and what is more 
Sacred than a Child?
Do us a favor and please visit Rebecca's blog and the website for the Oaxaca Children Grassroot.
If you feel the thought and hear the little voice,give into it
create a Shrine for the auction and help create a better and safer place for a child.


This is our beautiful box that we were so lucky to have gotten from Rose over at

I explained to her what we wanted to do and she helped me pick out the most wonderful Cigarbox

When I told PR Mom about it, I tried  my best to describe it to her.
It was the fact that it had 3 pieces that gave her the idea of a 
design for our Shrine.
The blue satin is so rich and inspiring. We have decided to cover the outside and I am in the process of creating the outside of our little house. 
I will post the sketches as I go.
Just so you know,this will basically be the only way her and I know what each of us is doing. 
I hope you will enjoy our journey along with us.

3 is the Magic Number

When Artful Chica scored us a super rad cigar box for our alter she told me it had 3 sections. The first things it brought to mind were:
the holy trinity
Manny, Moe and Jack
3 blind mice
3 three pigs

and then.......

3 Little Birds

(My 4 year old daughter and been in a reggae phase so Bob Marley has been on repeat in our house.)

The lyrics began swirling in my head and the ideas just began to flow. This song is speaking of hope and happiness and I hesitated for a moment. Aren't altars suppose to be about death or lost love? I remembered who this altar was for. The event for the lost children and these kids deserved hope and happiness. Heck in the world we live in today we all could use more hope and happiness so I went ahead and approached Artful Chica with the idea.

She liked the idea and we were able to cross off one more thing from the to-do list.


Hello everyone in bloglandia. 
I'm the Chica from over at
I have to admit I was a bit surprised that PR Mom 
from over at 
agreed to this collaboration. You see, as our description above says, we have never met. We have never spoken outside of e mails and Instant messaging. I think those facts make for the allure of mystery. When I learned of this years auction, I kinda threw the idea of a collaboration out to her.
 Honestly, I was bracing myself for a NO thanks.
PR Mom and I met through our blogs ( I am addicted to her's) what started as a few kind words left in a comment box has brought us here.  What I know from following her blog and our daily chats is that PR Mom has an enormous heart. She has a passion and endless devotion for her family and an amazing daughter.  She is an amazing photographer and her art has so much raw emotion behind it. I am truly honored to be working virtually alongside her.
Having kids whether they be 4 or 20 sparks something inside you and when you read or hear or see something in which children are being abused,neglected or homeless it creates a pain in your heart. From a personal experience with a friend of my sons it's hard to see a child have to suffer such pain at the hands of a parent whether it's physical abuse or in his case abandonment.  So when this opportunity presented itself I must admit I jumped on the bandwagon whole heartedly.
I am hoping that you will check back often to watch our progress and perhaps even bid on ours or someone else's Shrine. This will surely be a journal chronicling our very different or perhaps maybe  the same, Sacred journey to do something to benefit a child.

Friday, August 21, 2009


So when an artist you admire asks you to collaborate with her on a altar piece to be auctioned off for charity there is no other answer than YES!

I will admit it, I am a bit nervous. My artistic strength is behind a camera lens so this project will be a welcome challenge. I am so looking forward to the journey that making this alter will take us on. I hope that it will build my confidence as an artist.

Thank you for visiting and following us on this journey.