Thursday, March 11, 2010

Close to the Finish Line

The cigar box shrine is getting close to the finish line. The inside is coming along, and the back is done. There have been a few changes from my original concept but I am liking how it is turning out.

Here is the inside with the bright sun. When I think of the smiling sun the only face that comes to mind is my daughters. So for this project she is my smiling sun.

The inside is still lacking and I am not sure what to add to this. Ideas?

Here is the embroidered back of the box. The next step is to find some images that this song brings to mind and add them to the out sides of the box.

The auction is right around the corner and each artist will have their own page on the website. When ours is up I will let you all know!


  1. you are close, oh so close!!
    thank you for this and your generous hearts.


  2. Beautiful shrine! And lovely blog, too!