Friday, November 6, 2009

3 completed birds

All the birds are done! They took a lot longer than I expected them to but they came out way better than I expected them too.

Here is bird #2. My daughter was the muse behind the colors. They are bright and light just like my Sophia. A splash of red for her passion and love of life, a blue streak for her tom-boyness. Plus purple is her favorite color.

Bird #3 was the biggest of the 3 birds and the one I called the Momma bird. Yes this bird was me. Red for for the undying love I have for my family.

And here is the whole piece of fabric done.

Next step? Get this onto the box!


  1. oh my!!! you all have glorious wings,
    colour, and grace!

    such love and devotion all wrapped up in such a heartfelt creation. a gift..for so so many...

  2. wake up! wake up little birds...
    time to Shrine!

  3. OMG, BEAUTIFUL BIRDS!!! This song reminds me of my girls, they sing it almost every day :)