Thursday, October 8, 2009


The anxiety of the address mix-up is over! (Which was totally my fault by the way!). Thanks to Artful Chica's son, the package arrived to me yesterday. I almost hugged my postman in gratitude.

Moments later I was ripping open the package and packing peanuts were flying everywhere!

Inside the box was not only our beautiful cigar box, but lots and lots of goodies for me and my daughter, The Phi.

The Phi has a slight obsession with the Geico commercials with the money with the eyes. She calls him "cash money eyes", and of course Artful Chica sent him too!

I couldn't believe that I finally had my hands on the real live box! Photos really do not do the colors justice. Especially the gorgeous blue of the lining.

Also inside was the work that Artful Chica had already done, and our package was being well taken care of because everything got to me in one piece. Even the teeny tiny fragile birds. All 3 of them.

There was a gift for me too. A handmade sketch book. Decorated with Dia De Los Muertos calaveras. It is simply stunning and I think I am going to use it to sketch and doodle my favorite lyrics and quotes.

As usual The Phi was spoiled and not only received cash money eyes, but also got some amazing art and architecture coloring books. A book on Georgia O'Keefe and a letter and wrapped gift.

I had to wait until The Phi got to the office after school, but she opened her gift and found an oh so very cute children's books called "Owl At Home". She adored it!

Thank you so much for everything Artful Chica!

And now the creating begins

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