Saturday, October 3, 2009


Long ago I sent a package off to PR Mom in California. It never arrived. Inside the box was random goodies,paint,baby birds,bits n pieces,and most importantly: Our Cigar box for this project. We waited and waited and nothing. I had put full faith into the USPS so I did not get the tracking option they offer.

Prior to shipping it,I had taken a picture of it and sent it to PR Mom,she didn't notice then that I had put the wrong address on it. It was one digit off. Days and weeks have tumbled by and Monday she went back and looked at the picture and caught my mistake.

So then we waited for it to return to me. And waited,and waited.

The problem on my end is,I have a rural postal service,
a VERY rural postal service.
I don't get packages left at my door,hell I don't even get mail left at my door. It is a 2 mile-ish drive to the mailboxes to get mail. If packages are something you are waiting for then all you get is a card notification usually telling you,you can pick up said parcel after 9 a.m. the following day. This wonderful Post Office is 25 miles from where I live,and yes it is our only one.

Now the dear USPS must have said to one another,"Lets see what hours Chica works and post those as our operating hours" and they did. Now they are open on Saturday for a whopping 2 hours. Of course those 2 hours could not be in the early morning so that you may go on about your business.


They have given us the luxury of being open 12 to 2. Yes, right smack in the middle of the day. Those mail happy procrastinators now can sleep in and be rest assured that they can breeze in late to mail their "Dear John" letters off before sobering up from last nights debauchery. The line during these hours are almost ALWAYS clear out the door. and since they have 2 separate sets of doors you have to schlep through you end up at some point being the Guardian of the door.

Yesterday the Return To Sender card arrived,and scrawled on it is:
really Postman? I can go after 9 am and you will be there bright eyed and bushy tailed to hand me my package after 9 am on a Saturday?
I really doubt it.
Really I do.

This weekend we are supposed to go to Tucson which means the package will have to..(drum roll please maestro)..

wait and wait and wait  some more 

until Wednesday when I have a mid week day off and I can get in there to fix the number and send it right back.

I wonder If they'll make me pay for another trip back to Cali?

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