Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is our beautiful box that we were so lucky to have gotten from Rose over at

I explained to her what we wanted to do and she helped me pick out the most wonderful Cigarbox

When I told PR Mom about it, I tried  my best to describe it to her.
It was the fact that it had 3 pieces that gave her the idea of a 
design for our Shrine.
The blue satin is so rich and inspiring. We have decided to cover the outside and I am in the process of creating the outside of our little house. 
I will post the sketches as I go.
Just so you know,this will basically be the only way her and I know what each of us is doing. 
I hope you will enjoy our journey along with us.

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  1. I have this cigar box too--and I thought of a shrine as i loaded it with ephemera for Art & Soul. Then one of the lids broke off in the journey and I haven't made time to repair it.
    It still sits in my art closet holding all kinds of ephemera from awhile back.
    Keep us posted on this box's journey--I would love to watch!!