Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hello everyone in bloglandia. 
I'm the Chica from over at
I have to admit I was a bit surprised that PR Mom 
from over at 
agreed to this collaboration. You see, as our description above says, we have never met. We have never spoken outside of e mails and Instant messaging. I think those facts make for the allure of mystery. When I learned of this years auction, I kinda threw the idea of a collaboration out to her.
 Honestly, I was bracing myself for a NO thanks.
PR Mom and I met through our blogs ( I am addicted to her's) what started as a few kind words left in a comment box has brought us here.  What I know from following her blog and our daily chats is that PR Mom has an enormous heart. She has a passion and endless devotion for her family and an amazing daughter.  She is an amazing photographer and her art has so much raw emotion behind it. I am truly honored to be working virtually alongside her.
Having kids whether they be 4 or 20 sparks something inside you and when you read or hear or see something in which children are being abused,neglected or homeless it creates a pain in your heart. From a personal experience with a friend of my sons it's hard to see a child have to suffer such pain at the hands of a parent whether it's physical abuse or in his case abandonment.  So when this opportunity presented itself I must admit I jumped on the bandwagon whole heartedly.
I am hoping that you will check back often to watch our progress and perhaps even bid on ours or someone else's Shrine. This will surely be a journal chronicling our very different or perhaps maybe  the same, Sacred journey to do something to benefit a child.

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  1. I love Punk Rock Mom, and I haven't met her either. This should be a great project.