Saturday, August 22, 2009

3 is the Magic Number

When Artful Chica scored us a super rad cigar box for our alter she told me it had 3 sections. The first things it brought to mind were:
the holy trinity
Manny, Moe and Jack
3 blind mice
3 three pigs

and then.......

3 Little Birds

(My 4 year old daughter and been in a reggae phase so Bob Marley has been on repeat in our house.)

The lyrics began swirling in my head and the ideas just began to flow. This song is speaking of hope and happiness and I hesitated for a moment. Aren't altars suppose to be about death or lost love? I remembered who this altar was for. The event for the lost children and these kids deserved hope and happiness. Heck in the world we live in today we all could use more hope and happiness so I went ahead and approached Artful Chica with the idea.

She liked the idea and we were able to cross off one more thing from the to-do list.

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