Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sometime last year I came across a blog that was talking about a wonderful project.
the blog,which is wonderful in it's own right is called 

The Mujer behind this blog has a wonderful heart. How else could you describe a person who has such a passion for a cause such as this?
The Post that I happened upon had to do with an auction. 
Not just any run of the mill auction,but an auction of 
This piqued my curiosity. Why would one auction off something that had a mixture 
Blood, Sweat and possibly Tears?
I know first hand what goes into making Altars and Shrines.
It's always a Spiritual journey,one that I have made for many years.
As I read through Rebecca's Posts I learned of her passion.
and this passion is called the 
A little thought was created at the back of my mind. 
It nudged and it prodded.
It said "you can do this"
it taunted "what if it was your child?"
The "Thought" and the little voice have won.
I am honored to be a 
with the gracious PR Mom.
Together, we are working towards a Sacred goal.
and what is more 
Sacred than a Child?
Do us a favor and please visit Rebecca's blog and the website for the Oaxaca Children Grassroot.
If you feel the thought and hear the little voice,give into it
create a Shrine for the auction and help create a better and safer place for a child.

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  1. you must know...
    how you have both touched my heart. i am so thrilled at your shared journey. lighting a candle right beside yours with the strong hope that we can through our hearts and hands create infinite possibilities in the lives of these children.

    watching you with great happiness.